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Lou Carter redefines its exhibition approach with the launch of


Maison Carter


_ A dynamic venue for independent curatorial events _

Periodic and thematic, our new curation orchestrate a multi-faceted

program that brings together and connects the most talented players

in the Art market in dialogue with the reams of Art and Luxury.


Our exhibition showcase are illustrated by the aesthetic

and narrative connections between selected creators chosen

for their innovative concept sensitivity or unparalleled craftmanship.

Original artworks, original creations and collaborations

are presented at unprecedented events dedicated to the current

values of Art : multidisciplinarity and international diversification.

All this combined with the core values of quality, elegance and originality.

Lou Carter

+33(0) 6 662 908 58

- contemporary art - art gallery - collectibledesign - figurativepaintings - abstractpaintings

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